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Our sustainable efforts

When LUNE Active was founded in 2019, 100% of the clothing were made in Turkey. This was an easy choice because one of the founders, Lisa, had experience with Turkey and therefore a network of suppliers that were willing to help a starting brand like LUNE Active.

While these suppliers were already being partially conscious about sustainability and for example used BCSI cotton, there was more to gain for us by shifting a lot of the production to Portugal in 2020. We had the numbers already, and in Portugal there are simply more recourses when it comes to organic cotton, recycled polyamide and recycled polyester. The manufacturers in Portugal have high regards for an ethical and sustainable way of working regarding their workers and products.



Our sportswear supplier that is the main manufacturer for our seamless wear is situated near Porto in the middle of the woods. It looks like a hidden village with all the latest features you can imagine when it comes to sustainability. All workers drive electric and all cars are branded with the factory name. There is an internal medical centre to secure the health of the staff and a sports program to keep all staff active and motivated.

 In the production line all waste fabric is collected to be recycled. The yarn most used in the factory is the Q-nova

yarn that we are currently using for all our active wear. This is a recycled polyamide blend with normal polymide. More of this will be explained in the chapter FABRICS.

All electricity is sourced from the solar panels on the roof and all heating is also naturally sourced.




Our daywear is currently made partially in Portugal and Turkey. Our Portuguese supplier is situated near Porto in the same area as our sportswear supplier.

This factory has close connections with our fabric suppliers who supply GOTS certified fabric and work with the best recycled materials. With this fabric supplier we are able to create our own customized fabric, even down to deciding exactly the percentages within the composition. Doing this we are able to create a perfect performing fabric for the specific garment.





The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. The use of chemicals, water, pesticides and fertilizers throughout the production chain, from raw materials to finished product, has a very significant negative effect on the world around us.

We, as LUNE Active, are aware that we are part of a bigger picture. We are very aware of the environmental and social issues in the fashion industry and therefore we are taking our responsibility and ensure that we do our part for a cleaner and better industry.

The most common used fibers used in the LUNE Active collections are Polyamide, Cotton and Polyester. These are essentially the most high risk fibers when it comes to environmental pollution. Because they are indeed the most suitable fibers for the kind of products that LUNE Active makes, we started in 2020 by exchanging the current fibers with more sustainable sources. Our goal is to have a 100% sustainable collection by 2023.


*DISCLAIMER: The mentioned certificates are certificates owned and used by our manufacturers and suppliers. We as the brand LUNE Active are not yet certificated. We believe in a sustainable future and are working towards the goal that in 2023 all the mentioned certificates will be held also by LUNE Active.


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