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Our MOON CLASSIC program is one of our core programs, and is made of our signature fabric, developed by our in-house technical team. The combination of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane makes the fabric durable, soft, and comfortable all at the same time.

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MOON CLASSIC trousers - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC trousers - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC bandeau bra - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC bandeau bra - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC flared pants - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC flared pants - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC short blouse - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC short blouse - Marshmellow
Save 50%MOON CLASSIC bomber jacket - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC bomber jacket - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC bomber jacket - Marshmellow Sale price€74,98 Regular price€149,95
MOON CLASSIC bandeau bra - BlackMOON CLASSIC bandeau bra - Black
MOON CLASSIC flared pants - BlackMOON CLASSIC flared pants - Black
Save 50%MOON CLASSIC bomber jacket - BlackMOON CLASSIC bomber jacket - Black
MOON CLASSIC bomber jacket - Black Sale price€74,98 Regular price€149,95
MOON CLASSIC short blouse - BlackMOON CLASSIC short blouse - Black
MOON CLASSIC trousers - BlackMOON CLASSIC trousers - Black
MOON CLASSIC trousers - Black Sale price€149,95
MOON CLASSIC cropped sweat - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC cropped sweat - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC cropped sweat - Black
MOON CLASSIC bandeau bra - Mirage GreyMOON CLASSIC bandeau bra - Mirage Grey
MOON CLASSIC flared pants - Mirage GreyMOON CLASSIC flared pants - Mirage Grey
MOON CLASSIC blazer - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC blazer - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC blazer - Mirage GreyMOON CLASSIC blazer - Mirage Grey
MOON CLASSIC cropped jacket - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC cropped jacket - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC cropped jacket - Mirage GreyMOON CLASSIC cropped jacket - Mirage Grey
MOON CLASSIC hoodie - BlackMOON CLASSIC hoodie - Black
MOON CLASSIC hoodie - Black Sale price€159,95
MOON CLASSIC hoodie - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC hoodie - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC wide leg shorts - BlackMOON CLASSIC wide leg shorts - Black
MOON CLASSIC wide leg shorts - MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC wide leg shorts - Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC wide leg shorts - Mirage GreyMOON CLASSIC wide leg shorts - Mirage Grey
Moon structured slim fit pants - BlackMoon structured slim fit pants - Black
Moon structured long-sleeve top - BlackMoon structured long-sleeve top - Black
MOON CLASSIC pintuck shorts - Court GreenMOON CLASSIC pintuck shorts - Court Green
MOON CLASSIC pintuck shorts - Black/MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC pintuck shorts - Black/Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC Sleeveless Polo - Court Green
MOON CLASSIC Sleeveless Polo - Black/MarshmellowMOON CLASSIC Sleeveless Polo - Black/Marshmellow
MOON CLASSIC Polo Dress - BlackMOON CLASSIC Polo Dress - Black


We offer free delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany on all orders above €100.


14 day return period

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We care about using sustainable materials for both our products and packaging. Our packaging boxes and bags are made of 100% recycled paper.