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About Movie

Positivity is the general mindset at Lune Active, especially when it’s about embracing the female body. With ‘taking care of your confidence’ as our company slogan we set a high goal for ourselves to make every woman feel comfortable and empowered in her own skin while wearing Lune Active. When it comes to activewear, including is very important to us, that’s why with this campaign we want to portray the real Lune Active women, the women we are so proud to serve.

Focusing on our signature Luna high-waisted rib legging and Bandeau fitted pique bra we want to show that we are not for the ‘one size fits just a few’ but are all about the ‘all sizes fit so many.’ No matter your age, your skin tone, your size or your style, with our seamless body hugging and sustainable activewear we dare you to feel your best, your most empowered and your most beautiful self.

Let’s celebrate all souls, no matter what package they come in.