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Our Ethos


We explore a variety of sustainable fabrics that create warm and delicate textures for a fashion that feels as good as it looks. Lune Active cares about using the right materials by constantly exploring high-quality, sustainable fabrics. We’ve designed pieces with fine fibers such as organic cotton, recycled polyamide mixed with modal, and recycled polyester. The Q-Nova fabric is particularly incredible; it’s a fully traceable yarn that blends polyamide and recycled polyamide to compress and shape the body. From our use of recycled materials to our commitment to reducing waste and water usage throughout our production process, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Discover all our materials.


A large part of sustainability is not just creating products sustainably, but using them sustainably for a lifetime. By making season-less styles that are meant to be worn year-round (and for many years), we are trying to create pieces that will not end up in the landfill after just a season.


One style for all occasions. Each piece is designed with the aim of creating luxurious athleisure essentials that combine style, comfort, and function. One outfit can take you from your yoga class to your lunch date. Just change some accessories and enjoy the comfort of our luxurious athleisure
wear during your day.


Since we are a relatively small brand, we are in close contact with all our suppliers. We work exclusively with brands that are certified for their working conditions. Read more about our suppliers here.