Top Yoga Spots in Amsterdam

Yoga's incorporation of meditation and breathing can help improve a person's mental well-being, and because at Lune Active we thrive to support women’s well-being, we thought we would guide you to the best yoga spots we know in Amsterdam.

All of these places come in no sort of order and are recommended by our team at Lune, so get your yoga mats ready, your water bottles filled and let’s take a look around town to see the hottest, most calming places where to perform some kumbaya. 

Heaven 11

There are two studios around the city which are located on opposite sides of Amsterdam. This one is filled with neon lights, candles, and  good vibes. This is your music-driven, hot yoga workout where we dim the lights, turn up the heat, and move our bodies to the beat.

Delight Yoga

Want a heavenly place to find your inner peace? They offer high-quality Yoga & Ayurveda classes guided by expert teachers from all over the world. At Delight Yoga, you can practice Yoga at four beautiful locations in Amsterdam. All places offer a soothing experience to reconnect with your body, mind and heart.

Equal Yoga 

Whether you are looking to sweat, burn, re-energise or relax, Equal has the class for you. They offer several different yoga classes from Equal Yin to Core Power and four levels of Equal Barre. All their power yoga classes are designed to enhance flexibility and strength combining movement, breath, and static postures. They welcome both beginners and advanced yogis. Are you ready for some serious Sweat and Joy?


The Conscious Club

The Conscious Club in Amsterdam is a sustainable oasis in the city that brings the vibe of a Thai paradise back in Amsterdam. The Conscious Club is Amsterdam’s first carbon-neutral public canal house. The Green Temple sits inside of this space, and serves as an inspiration for all who visit to make more conscious decisions in their lives. They offer various ongoing activities (like yoga and meditation), training programs and workshops, alongside special gatherings throughout the year.


All these places have different vibes but are all unique. Select your favourite and start prioritizing your mental health. Namasté.