How You Should Take Care of Your Activewear

Most of the time, when we do our laundry, we don’t give much consideration on how to wash specific items properly. Washing your activewear the right way is essential for maintaining the good qualities of the fabric and keeping its  comfort and durability.


Making laundry for sportswear requires a little more effort than regular cotton t-shirts and pants, which also withstand high heat and machine drying. Therefore, before washing, take a look at this article to learn the best way to take care of your favourite Lune Active pieces. 


Here are 5 steps on how to take care of activewear properly.  


1 | Delicate wash

Deterioration is highly common in activewear when you keep washing it in the washing machine with your other clothing. Using a delicate wash program or a very gentle cycle in the washer using delicate soap decreases the problem and eventually helps your activewear to always stay in the best condition. 


2 | Turn it inside out 

Before putting it to wash, in order to complete a perfect procedure, we advice you to turn your activewear inside out. This is important for all types of clothes but since activewear’s outer layers are very delicate, it helps to sustain their use for a long-term period and not having close contact with detergent can help colours stay vibrant.   


3 | Do not use fabric softeners 

This is a no-go when doing a round of activewear laundry. We get that having our clothes soft, makes everyday better but this can increase damage on the performance of the fabric itself. Lune Active’s pieces are adorned by a certain textile that provides a moisture wicking capability, therefore when paired with fabric softener these are not a good match. 


4 | Use cold water 

Using cold water is another way of putting more life-span on the activewear. Elastane fabrics that produces the stretch of your activewear are vulnerable under hot water and can irritate the fibres and make them stick together which defeats the whole purpose of the term ‘activewear’. a good recommendation that Lune suggests is to keep temperature at 30 degrees celsius or lower. 


5 | Dry naturally 

Lune says no to tumble dryers with our activewear as there is a high possibility it will deteriorate and shrink the clothes. Air drying your activewear would be the ideal solution. Lune’s tip would be to hang the bottoms from the top and the tops from the bottom to avoid any wrinkles.