Recycling Materials We Use And How it Helps The Environment

The type of materials used is crucial for any garment since they provide a big part of its comfortability. Let’s take a look at some statement pieces at Lune Active and understand how they are made.


Starting off with our beloved ZANE fabric. The soft texture on the inside along with the excellent oversized fit of the ZANE sweater provide an irresistible feel that cannot be missed.

Influencers such as Fredrika Akander and Quirina-Felizitas love this sweater. Its breathable fabric is made of 100% Organic Cotton, meaning this Cotton was made using natural farming methods. Besides this, it does not harm the environment or any source of nature with toxic chemicals during the process.
Moving on with one of our top picks, the LUNA rib fabric provides thickness and durability that shapes any form of body type. This cultivates a seamless legging which is made out of 100% recycled polyamide. This fabric is environmentally sustainable and reduces CO2 emissions, which means it consumes less water. It is a product of post consumer waste which does not involve the production of another product. The fabric is made out of one solid yarn.

Up next, is one of our lightest, and most ultra-soft fabric yet; the River. This combo feels like a second skin and still provides comfort for your body. The fabric is a blend of Recycled Nylon and Spandex. These fabrics divert waste from landfills and its manufacturing requires a lot fewer resources.
One of Lune's original popular pieces is the MOON set. It is seen on many of our favourite influencers such as Negin Mirasalehi and Vita Sidorkina. The MOON fabric is a combination of Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, and Elastane. This helps to make the clothing piece more durable, soft, and comfortable. The production process for all fabric sources provide significant environmental gains. It is also GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. This ensures that there is a 100% manufacturing responsibility and no chemical input in the product.

At Lune, we make sure our clothes are made with good intent that provides a sustainable outlook towards the environment. After understanding the information about how some of our products are made, which one will you be wearing this upcoming Winter?