SS23: An Interview with the Designer

Our team here at Lune Active is always inspired by different ideas on how to elevate the brand. Before every collection launches, there is always a vision and a concept behind it. Our design team illustrates these ideas through pen and paper then develops it digitally.

Once the above is defined, we select the colours and fabrics that suit best our vision for the selected capsule collection. Our collections are designed through the exploration of a variety of high end sustainable fabrics. We play with airbrushed, warm and delicate textures for a complete sensory experience. Each piece is designed with the aim of creating luxurious athleisure essentials that combine style, comfort and function. 

We sat with the head designer and spoke about the creative development of creating the upcoming Summer 23-1 collection and the technical process that comes with it.
Sara gives us a look inside of Lune’s mind and initiative for the new collection. Check it out:
What was the main inspiration behind the new collection?
The main inspiration behind Lune’s SS23 collection is to open a chapter that showcases new colours and textures that encourages the strong Lune woman to be active, travel, whilst also having a fresh wardrobe of sensual and luxurious pieces to wear for all types of occasions. 

When we design a new collection, we always think about the active women on-the-go juggling between their family, work and social life. For that reason, we have added a resort touch to this collection. This luxury getaway is focused around her going places where she needs to be able to do activities, travel, be comfortable, yet with a classy and effortless look.

Which colours are introduced and what made you choose the new colours?
This season we have introduced the colours: Sea spray, Marshmellow, Brown rice, Dune, Almond cream and Red violet. They all depict softness and an overall natural look. 

When we think of new colours, we start off by thinking of the staple items and what is usually part of the capsule wardrobe. We do not follow any trends, as we like to keep our staple pieces timeless and effortless to represent luxury in the brand. 

Choosing natural colours means we have a clean yet happy colour story that is easily blendable with natural tones such as Brown rice, and Marshmellow.

What’s exciting about this collection that other collections don’t have?
Versatility. With each collection we are learning more about the Lune woman and are getting to know what she needs in her everyday life. We have also introduced new textures and are becoming more sustainable with the type of materials we work with.

What was the process like creating these pieces?
We go into these 3 steps before production and those are called: Proto, SMS, and PPS. 

These steps involve three prototypes that slowly progress into being created before final garment goes into production. 
We work closely with the suppliers, and with that we share comments, and specific measurements to improve the garments. Between every step and each prototype, we do a fitting and from that we understand what measurements there is to adjust and improve the garment which leaves us to the last step where we have achieved what we desired of the product and we go into production.

Where there any changes in the development process?

There are always changes, as it is very hard to have the perfect fit on the first step before production. For every garment we improve the measurements and the fit. During this process we also work with smaller and bigger sizes to be inclusive and make sure it's good for all body types. Hence, changes are important for every step in development resulting in the garment having the perfect fit on the model.

Are there any new fabrics introduced?

We have re-used our signature fabrics but also have introduced the Tencel fabric which is seen on the Chloe and is a natural and sustainable fabric made of wood pulp and eucalyptus trees. It is very soft and has a thick feel making it smooth against your skin.

Another knitted fabric is introduced and is seen on the Stella. It is made of 85% cotton and 15% linen fabric. 

An additional sustainable fabric we have introduced is Micromodal which is seen on the Maia and it comes from tree pulp fibres. It has a softness to it which is stretchy and makes it very breathable. “As soft as sustainable can get”

STELLA Sweater and Short in Mauve Chalk

MAIA Longsleeve in Dune 


CHLOE Blouse and Short in Marshmellow


What’s your favourite piece from the new collection?

The Chloe program is my favourite as the fabric is very interesting, and also very important for Lune Active being a sustainable brand. I also love wearing shirts and the colour Sea Spray is a lovely addition to Lune’s wardrobe.
Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Summer collection launching the 16th of January.